Product offerings:


                                  Share Savings Membership Account


                                Super Saver Account


                                Christmas Club Account


                                CDs (Certificates of Deposits)


                                Share Draft Checking Account


                                IRA Account


                                Signature Loan Limits


                                VISA Gift Card


                                VISA Debit/Check Card


                                                                                                 See additional details below regarding each product.



Share Savings Membership Account  

 Minimum deposit $100.00; this includes $1.00 membership fee and $25.00 retention amount. Effective August 29, 2014
 (Minimum Balance of $50.00 required on share savings accounts to earn interest)

$25.00 fee may be involked if new accounts are closed within 90 days of opening. Effective October 1, 2014

  • Any Return Statement (with no forwarding address) - $5.00 Fee Quarterly Effective March 1, 2013

  • Dormant Account Fee (if applicable) - $10.00 per Dormant Account/per Month Effective March 1, 2013

  • Garnishment/Levy Processing Fee - $75.00


Super Saver Account

 Currently calculates interest on a daily balance and posts quarterly.


Christmas Club Account


Terms and Interest calculated same as Share Savings Account. Checks will be issued approximately 2nd week in November.

CDs (Certificates of Deposits)

 6 Month Certificate (180 Day Maturity)

(Subject to early withdrawal penalty)


12 Month Certificate (365 Day Maturity)
(Subject to early withdrawal penalty)


18 Month Certificate (545 Day Maturity)
(Subject to early withdrawal penalty)

  • No monthly service charge

  • Cost of checks ordered will be drafted from account
    (basic checks qty 120)

  • Cancelled checks are not returned with statement/duplicate checks are recommended.

  • Check Images are visible through Internet Banking Services.

  • If at anytime you need a copy of a cancelled check, a copy will be provided as far back as 7 years, you maybe charged $3.00 per copy.

  • Stop payment fee - $15.00 Effective March1, 2013

  • Overdrafts - $35.00 Effective October 1, 2014

  • Wire transfers - $20.00 Effective March 1, 2013

  • Western Union Wire Fee - $30.00 Effective October 1, 2014

  • International Wire Fee - $40.00 Effective October 1, 2014

  • Internet Banking/Bill Pay - $5.00/month

  • Garnishment/Levy Processing Fee - $75.00


IRA Account

 Calculates on daily balance and posts quarterly.
 (Minimum balance on this account is $100.00)


Signature Loan Limits

  • Eligible for loans after 90 days membership

  • Member 90 days 1 year $1700 @ $60.00 per month

  • After 1 year $3500 @ $120.00 per month

  • After 5 years $5000 @ $150.00 per month



  • For your gift or travel needs

  • Use for purchases where VISA is accepted

  • Values from $10 - $500

  • At time of purchase - $4 fee for 1st card

                                           $2 fee for each additional card


VISA DEBIT / Check Card

  • Get cash 24 hours a day

  • Works like a check where-ever you see the Visa or Pulse Logo

  • No annual fee

  • Posts to your account electronically


Alabama River Credit Union's Visa Debit/Check Card is the one card that acts like several cards.  It works like a check at any merchant that accepts VISA and it works like an ATM on the VISA or PULSE ATM networks.


Convenience at it's best-
Use your check card without hassle of writing a check or carrying cash.  When you use your check card press "credit" and the money is immediately deducted from your checking account. It's quick and easy. Just sign and go!


It's ATM Ready
Our VISA Debit/Check Card works like an ATM card at any automatic teller machine on the VISA or PULSE ATM networks. Simply look for the VISA or PULSE logos and you can get the cash you need with your personal identification number (PIN).


Not a Credit Card
The Alabama River Credit Union VISA Debit/Check Card is NOT a credit card. Just like a check, you must have money in your account before you can spend it.  You will save money by not paying the fees and interest that can be part of credit cards.

For further information on these and other services contact us at 251-575-2921.